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Argus Camera

This is an excellent vintage 1940s argus a3 film camera and an excellent anastigmat lens. The case parts are only case parts only. It comes with the anastigmat lens and the case parts are also included. This is a great piece for a vintage collection or for yourself.

Argus vintage film camera

Argus vintage film camera

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Argus Cameras

The argus camera is the perfect camera for capturing the beauty of nature. It features a weatherproof design, air-tight seal and plenty of battery life that allows you to capture stunning images all year round.

Vintage Argus Camera

This vintage argus camera is a powerful and stable camera that is perfect for capturing memories. The camera is made with a stl1000 camera board and features a tasseled lens. This camera is perfect for capturing memories and is great fortery and sensitive photography. the argus c3 camera is a great choice for photography when trying to get a low-cost rangefinder camera. It has a good range and can be used with a 50mm f3. 5 lens. Additionally, the c3 filename extension is also common among these cameras. argus 35mm film camera is a classic camera quality that is perfect for capturing memories or movie footage. With a range of resolved resolution options, argus 35mm film cameras are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality camera that can handle the large number of pictures and videos they'll need to capture. Whether you need a camera that's built to last and require a high-quality lens or a affordable option that can be used for simple photography, argus 35mm film cameras are a common choice. this is a vintage argus camera that is coated with cintar lens. It is a threeelement argus rangefinder camera with a 3. 5 50mm coated cintar lens. It was used to take pictures of people for a trade show.