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Antique Camera Flash

The kodak antique camera flash is a unique and iconic item from the kodak hawkeye camera flash line. This flash is from the early 20th century and is in great condition. It features a well-made and recycled design. It is great for adding a touch of luxury to your photography.

Old Camera Flash Powder

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Old Flash Camera

This old flash camera is a great addition to your vintage camera collection. This camera is clean with no any wear or damage. The lens is new and has a fresh new label. The camera was used but is still in great condition. The battery is still working and has not gone out in a long time. The camera is very easy to use and you can use it to take pictures and record videos. This old flash camera is a great deal at only $495. looking for an antique ghost runner cigarette runner finish line kiddo photographer? look no further than this camera flash artisti photo! With his bright and life-like photos, you'll be the one who looking for this guy! this old camera flash kit is perfect for adding a bit of excitement to your photography. The kit includes a tower camera with a built-in flash and a number of accessories such as lenses, filters and tips. The flash kit is small and lightweight so it's easy to take with you when you're shooting anything special. this antique camera flash handle is a great addition to your kodak brownie camera. It is made of imitation leather and is in great condition. This handle is perfect for the current style of flash camera.